What about cost?

Complaints in relation to Solicitors charges has had the most damning and detrimental impact on the reputation of the legal profession. Legal And Mutual are determined to reverse the general publics perception by being entirely open and transparent in relation to our charges.
We are prepared to carry out work on the clients behalf either on an hourly rate or on a fixed fee basis. We are flexible and will be open to negotiation in agreeing the level of our charges with our clients.

Standard Charges

  • Our standard hourly rate has been set at £120.00 per hour. No additional costs will be added this is the all inclusive rate.
  • Standard day to day telephone calls, facsimiles, letters and e-mails are all charged out at £12.00 per item.
  • More detailed and longer telephone calls, letters etc are charged on the actual time spent on the item based on our standard hourly rate.
  • We can guarantee that your case will be conducted by an experienced Solicitor so that you can be assured the quality of the service you receive is not compromised in any way.

Fixed Fees Available

  • Fixed costs are becoming increasingly popular. This enables you to know from the start how much the case will cost you. It allows you to budget in advance. We are quite happy to conduct your case on this basis. We will agree a fee with you and abide by it.
  • Examples of our standard fixed costs are:
  • Divorce proceedings only – Fixed Fee of £400.00 for acting on behalf of the Petitioner (the person pursuing the Divorce). The court costs are of course are not included in this figure as these are payable to the Court.
  • Wills – Fixed Fee of £80.00 for a straight forward single Will. If your Will requires additional clauses our fee will be agreed with you in advance.
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney – Property and financial affairs AND/OR Health and Welfare Powers of Attorney from £250.00 – excluding the fee for the Office of the Public Guardian.

We are prepared to be flexible and open to negotiation with our clients in relation to this firms charges. Our costs will be agreed at the outset so that we both know where we stand.

​We pride ourselves on transparency, honesty and integrity working in the best interests of the client.