Making a will

The benefits of creating a valid Will cannot be understated. If you die without leaving a valid Will you may unwittingly cause problems which can be very difficult to sort out. In this situation, the law provides strict rules which spell out how your property and assets are to be shared. The effect may not be at all what you would have wanted.

Making a Will enables you to decide who will benefit from your lifes work when you die rather than your property being distributed according to the law. It enables you to take control and to name those people you would like to benefit from your estate whether they are family members, friends and/or charitable organisations.

Wills are important documents enabling you to provide financial security for your loved ones in the event of your death. They can enable    you to give specific gifts such as jewellary to a specific member of the family or an opportunity to give a small financial gift to a helpful neighbour. The Will provides certainty and enables you to benefit others in the way you want.

Here at Legal and Mutual we will ensure that we prepare you a Will that is tailor made for you and your situation.

You can:

  • Choose who shall (and shall not) benefit from your Estate
  • Appoint a Guardian for children under the age of 18
  • Ensure that your partner will be provided for
  • Protect the interests of your children from a previous relationship
  • Put restrictions and limitations on any gifts that you make
  • Protect your family’s wealth through effective Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Protect your property and your children’s inheritance against the potential risk of sale to cover care home costs
  • Make charitable gifts
  • Specify your funeral wishes

Legal And Mutual have substantial experience and expertise in drafting Wills for clients.We are able to meet with you at your home or other location at a time that is best for you.

What about the cost?  Fixed Fee of £100.00 for the average single Will. If your Will requires additional work our fee will be agreed with you in advance.

If you require a more complex Will we will discuss and agree a fixed fee with you.