Domestic Abuse

  • If you have been assaulted, threatened or harassed by a partner, ex-partner, family member or someone who knows you, we can provide immediate and practical help. Assistance ranges from a warning letter, liaising with the police or, if need be, an application to the Court for protection by way of an injunction.
  • Domestic violence is very broadly defined.  The abuse does not have to be physical and does not have to result in injury.  
  • The English law deals with domestic violence in a number of ways and the remedies are not always confined to married couples or cohabitees.
  • The Police are there to deal with emergencies and situations where someone is at risk of immediate harm. Domestic violence is a crime and can result in arrest and criminal prosecution.
  • The Civil Courts can grant Injunctions to protect victims and these remedies are much more closely tailored to needs and specific situations. Injunctions can protect the individual, a child or other family member as well as property. Injunctions can remain in force just as long as the Court orders.
  • Occupation Orders can be coupled with Injunctions regulating the occupation of the family home and the court at the sanme time has the power to order the other party to pay the rent, mortgage or other associated outgoings associated with the property.