Disputes involving children

  • When parents or other relatives cannot agree arrangements in respect of children that they care for or with whom they wish to see, there is often a need for urgent legal advice and support.We know how much the welfare of your children matters to you.  We are committed to providing advice and information to help you resolve issues in a discreet, sympathetic and honest way. 
  • Legal And Mutual aim to deliver child-focused solutions to the following types of child related issues:
  • Child Arrangement Orders (including where the child should reside and with whom AND where, when and how a child should see the non-resident parent and/or other family members (contact/access).
  • Removal of a child from a resident parent, grandparent or other carer
  • Failure to return a child to a resident parent, grandparent or other carer
  • Child abduction
  • Acquiring Parental Responsibility
  • Any other specific issue or difficulty relating to a child
  • If a dispute cannot be settled through negotiation or mediation, then we will represent you in an application to the Court to resolve the matter.