Cohabitation Agreements

  • When unmarried couples choose to live together, they are often unaware that the law, upon separation, does not provide for them financially in the same way that it does for married couples and civil partners. What is frequently referred to as ‘common law marriage’ is in reality, a myth. 
  • Unmarried Couples who live together having families and buying property  present problems that are sometimes more difficult than those of married couples. There are also the usual issues relating to children including; Parental Responsibility of the father, Child Support, Residence and Contact.
  • The financial and property issues between unmarried couples can be messy and difficult relying on the Courts conclusions as to the parties intentions and contributions. It is this that makes a compelling argument in favour of “cohabitation Agreements”.
  • The parties may bring into the relationship different amounts of capital and monthly income which they wish to protect in the event that the relationship does not work out as hoped. The parties do not anticipate a break down in the relationship but it may happen. If it happens it is far better to have had the foresight to enter into an agreement as regards the financial aspects of the break down from the very start.
  • By entering into a Cohabitation Agreement, an unmarried partner can seek to create legal obligations which then afford both parties financial protection in the unfortunate event of separation.