Personal Legal Services. Hiring a solicitor

  • Legal and Mutual Solicitors provide our clients with a quality service to enable us to guide them through complex legal processes with the minimum disruption to them, their family and their life.
  • We understand that there are times in our lives when we require others to shoulder the burden of responsibility when our own emotions make this difficult. We can shoulder this burden together by ensuring you are provided with the support necessary to get you through any situation which you may find yourself and/or your family.
  • We pride ourselves on handling sensitive and often contentious client material with discretion, empathy and diligence. We can help you organise your property, financial and personal affairs to meet your personal requirements.
  • We are there for you providing advice and support, protecting your assets, writing a Will, managing the inheritance of a property, settling matrimonial issues and in relation to other areas of law which you may come across during your lifetime.
  • Legal and Mutual are focused on the outcome of our advice. The outcome of a personal matter may not be a case of winning and losing but the significance to you may be immeasurable especially in the area of family law work.
  • We can also fit our services around your busy lives by offering appointments to suit you whether in the evening or at the weekend at no extra cost – you just need to ask.