Probate, Administration of Estates and Trusts.

  • Sadly, everyone will experience the loss of a loved one at some point in their lives. This brings with it legal formalities in terms of administering the loved ones financial affairs and dealing with their estate in accordance with their Will or the law where there is no Will.
  • Legal and Mutual will advise and assist you in completing the application for Probate Form (PA1) and the Inland Revenue Form (IHT205) if applicable only. For this we will charge on average £500.00.
    If the matter requires  an unusual amount of work we will charge our hourly rate of £95.00 per hour which would generally result in fee’s of no more than £1,000.00. If we cannot provide the service you require we will advise you of this.
  • We believe very few Probates require Solicitors to assist as the work required does not require expertise in the law. Many people can contact financial institutions and complete forms so why pay huge legal fees when with a small amount of help you can do it yourself?